Surreal humour section
c 1995, Rory Cargill

     Anarchism? Ho ho ho! Here in the Ivory Towers of power, we daren't let the peons have the least taste of freedom. So we've got our agents working flat out on our latest concept... anarchism as a "Disneyworld" style exhibit. Come one, come all and visit the Alternative Anarchism exhibit now touring slum district neighbourhoods near you. New adventures in lifestyle holidays at the low, low everyday discount price of... your freedom of thought!
Yes, you too can play "Spot the Junkie" and even join a dole queue(TM) to experience first hand the drudgery of working-class existence before going back to the safety of your endowment-mortgaged Barrat-Home. Yo! Other exciting sideshows include:

1)"Inside the DSS"... see how the thought police actually go about making sure everyone has the least enjoyable existence possible. It's down to you to stay one step ahead of the scum, keep their petit-bourgeois values at bay and live a satisfying life. Losers end up being sectioned and losing all notational freedom. Not for the faint-hearted or terminally paranoid.

2)"Squat Now while Stocks Last"... and get your head kicked in by a private "security" goon who gets paid three times what you get in real life just to rough people up. Learn your society's real values. Remember: your private property is at risk and cannot be insured in this game. If you play your cards right, you might end up with a secure tenancy (& make some fat bastard property owner rich in the process. But, hey, it's a homeTM.) or even win an offer of your own gen-u-ine council flat on the sink estate of your choice.

3)"Scoring on de Front Line"... well, this one's been cloned from BrixtonTM. But it's got the same action-packed game engine. Dazzling graphic effects include being ripped off, getting dud gear, being busted by the DS, entrapment by the DS, endless runaround and outrageous tripe from voluminous BS-merchants and hundreds of all-new exciting locations. If you're really lucky, you'll come away with an eighth of squidge that might really have a teensy-weensy bit of real hashTM in it. Fun, huh?

4)"The Annual Riot"... Somewhere between the carnival in Rio and the L.A. riots. A regular annual event and fun for the whole family. Remember to bring your shopping list, a fast car and a gun if you've got one. Warning: normal rules of order do not apply in this exhibit. Medic teams are on full standby at all times.

5)"Warehouse Rave"... This is basically a Hippodrome for crusties. Totally safe. All the regular TOTP crap served up with different names & costumes. Guaranteed not to tax your imagination. No need to think required. You'll meet many characters from various other sideshow games here including DSS snoops and plain-clothes DS. Be on your guard at all times! Condoms are available in special hospitality packs at the entrance.

There's countless more exciting games, diversions & sideshows in this new exciting recreational activity brought to you by MIND CONTROL Plc. It's available for all major platforms including PC, sMACk, Paystation, Sega-64, Grecian-2000, Conservative, Labour, Lib-Dem and your wallet. MIND CONTROL says: "IT ONLY HURTS WHEN YOU THINK, SO LEAVE THE THINKING TO US. WE KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU." ;-) ;-) ;-)

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