Here's a small collection of things I've written. I hope to expand this collection with new and old material. There's no particular order to anything here, though some of the writings have been or still are sketches for novels I may or may not write at some time in the future. So, please respect the copyright on my writings and enjoy!
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Mars: The Next Front Ear
Chapter 1: Jump down, turn around, pick a bale o’ cotton…
Chapter 2: Down on the farm.
Chapter 3: It’s goo again.
Chapter 4: Echoes of War.
Chapter 5: That old crystal magic.
Chapter 6: The big score.
Chapter 7: Small town blues.
Chapter 8: Stranger in town.
Chapter 9: Buddha-in-a-box.
Chapter 10: Little green men.
Chapter 11: Shadows in the Pleasure Dome.
Chapter 12: Watusis go Live!
Chapter 13: Abduction! Or something like that…
Chapter 14: The sailor returns home.
Chapter 15: The one that got away.
Chapter 16: Plan 9 from Outer Space.
Chapter 17: The rape of paradise.
Chapter 18: On the road.
Chapter 19: Escape from Burrakhtlmyr.
Chapter 20: Reboot
Chapter 21: Something fishy.
Chapter 22: Souvenirs.
Chapter 23: Emerald Eyes.
Chapter 24: Precursor.
Chapter 25: First Contact.
Chapter 26: A turn for the worse.
Chapter 27: The morning after.
Chapter 28: Cutting loose.
Chapter 29: Not quite what they expected.
Chapter 30: Down from the hills.
Chapter 31: Castaways.
Chapter 32: That old Crystal Magic Redux.
Chapter 33: The catch was better than the chase.
Chapter 34: The past ain’t what it used to be, either.
Chapter 35: When the storm broke.
Chapter 36: Pieces of a puzzle.
Chapter 37: A long shot.
Chapter 38: A Crystal Horse for Troy.
Chapter 39: Reclaim the Ark!
Chapter 40: To the Rescue!!!
Chapter 41: Bustin' out of Brakopyn.
Chapter 42: Homecoming.

Random Scribbles.
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