They're here all right, but what are they up to?
c 1996, Rory Cargill

Top anthroplogists and ancient historians here at Invisible University have been able to deduce that our fair planet has been visited by extraterrestials many times in the past and that they are still coming here to this very day. Many people who have been in contact with extraterrestials claim that they're either here to guide us to a great and wondrous future or that they're wierd as hell and conduct unspeakable experiments on them. Many of you familiar with the work of Mr. Von Danniken et al., will already be acquainted with many of the visitations throughout history.

The thing is, if they're here to guide as to a better future, how come we're still beset by our endless rounds of plague, famine, war and discontent that's dogged us throughout known history? And if they're truly nasty, how come we're still here at all? Furthermore, there seems to be little or no evidence of any technology being shared with us humans, in spite of the fact that they certainly give the odd whizz-bang show every now and then to "impress the natives". This would all point towards a definite "hands-off" policy.

We here at the Invisible Arms have doing our level best to square that circle between rounds of best bitter and cream stout and have come up with the following hypotheses:

  1. There's more than one species of ET visiting our planet (this explains the widely different behavior patterns) conducting their versions of anthropolgical field research.
  2. They're tourists visiting "an untouched, quaint and primitive planet on the outer edge of the galaxy".

The Invisible think-tank would settle for a mix of the two hypotheses except for one jarring fact. The near-termination of our dear planet's space exploration program. We got to the moon and then just stayed at home? Oh we've all heard the excuses that it's too expensive, but then why is there always money to be found for yet another dirty little war? Why is so much wealth tied up in personal fortunes? It is our theory that the ET's who are here do not wish for us to venture out into space at all. That, rather than being benefactors, they want to keep us captives on our own planet where they can observe us for their own amusement or other purposes which we cannot as yet fathom.

Consider that in previous eras the visiting ET's tended to present themselves as deities or near-deities to us humans. Now that we're more advanced and able to comprehend the implications of life throughout our galaxy, it might just be that they don't want us to meet them on a level basis quite yet so's they can play the Gods-from-Space song'n'dance routine one more time.

Could it be that they have covert agents operating on our planet maintaining a level of destabilization in order that their bosses can make the "grand entrance" and set all our problems right at one stroke? Not so far fetched a possibility when you consider that governments on our own planet routinely send covert agents to other countries to do exactly the same task.

For this reason, Invisible Motors strategists recommend that all governments and influential power blocks find ways to overcome their petty bickering, gross exploitation, warmongering and routine opression. This would release vast amounts of wealth normally earmarked for the day-to-day business of greed, war, death & destruction. With the funds released from these activities, we could easily fund a robust space program and have enough money left over so that everyone could have a decent quality of life. We feel that it's up to us to "meet them half-way", so to speak or else we'll just be another interesting lab specimen for them.

Mad about ET's!!!