Mad About ET's!!!

     Here at The Invisible Exobiological Research Centre, we've been looking at the issue of extraterrestial life and visitations to our planet quite seriously. Below you'll find some of our early reports. Written in our inimcably lighthearted manner, we endeavour to broach the most serious of topics as our planet steps forth baldly to become part of the Galactic Community. There will be more to follow on in the near future.

Mad About ET's!!!
Extraterrestrials' Survey.
Oh no, they know we're here.
They're here all right, but what are they up to?
The Origins of life on Earth.
The paranoid conspiracy-theory classic.
Oi, ET. No!!!
Universes-R-Us, Hype with a difference!
Reptoids A-Go-Go
How to build your own UFO!
A Planetary Defense Proposal.