Free the Weed!

     Yes, that's right. It's time to put an end to all the humbug and hipocrisy surrounding cannabis and all "recreational" drugs by legalizing them. If the authorities can't be convinced of the good sense in legalizing all recreational drugs, then they should at least legalize cannabis and other "soft" drugs.

     'The war against drugs' is taking away funds from important services such as welfare, housing, education, healthcare, etc. Governments invariably blame this on "drugs" while failing to admit that it's actually their laws and attempts to enforce them that is the real cause. The cycle is compounded by the social impact of this reduction of services which inevitably leads people to want to "get out of it" on their favourite intoxicant, legal or otherwise as a coping device. So the authorities step up their "war against drugs".

     In America, which now has a higher per-capita prison population than Russia, we are beginning to see the results of this mentality. The state of California now spends more money on its' prison program than it does on education. The governor of the state of Washington predicts that if current trends continue the entire population of the state will either be employed in its' prisons program or else be in jail by the year 2056! The British government is forever cutting back on services due to a "lack of funds" and now wants to introduce American-style police-state prison mania. The same story is repeated with minor variations all over the world.

     The Invisible solution is simplicity itself. Legalise all drugs, introduce state-enforcable quality control and a reasonable sales tax on cannabis and other recreational drugs. This would not only swell the state coffers with a nice little earner from the sales tax, but would also save a small fortune that is currently being thrown down a hole in the ground fighting their stupid "war against drugs". The wealth generated by these simple measures would provide sorely needed funds for state health, housing, welfare, education, environmental and other such programs.

     One thing that is never mentioned is that the current state of afffairs vis-a-vis cannabis and the rest of the constellation of recreational drugs is that it hands over a monopoly on the trade to the various organised crime syndicates on a golden plate. One that is making them very rich and powerful into the bargain. Not only that, but then our governments waste even more of our precious tax money fighting these syndicates head-on.

     The Invisible think-tank recommends pulling the rug out from beneath their collective feet by legalizing all drugs. This simple measure would soon diminish their power by closing off one of their most lucrative sources of income. Everyone would benefit from this. Maybe even some of the people currently employed in the organised-crime world will tire of their game and want to be part of a greater society that is all-inclusive as opposed to the exclusive and predatory society that they are currently part of.

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