How to build your own UFO

     I recently came across a couple of interesting articles I'd like to share with you. As the title of this page suggests, they're about building UFO's. They're both very entertaining and stimulating reads. My thoughts after reading the first article was that I'd more likely be able to get a working system going with a pair of betatron toroids mounted one above the other with their electron particle flows going in opposite directions. Much as in the same way you used to find contra-rotating pairs of propeller blades on some of the old propeller airplanes. For thrust & direction you'd apply an accelerational "kicker" to both toroids simultaneously so as to eliminate the rotational torque leaving you with a directional thrust at right angles to an imaginary line through the center of the toroids with the point of the accelerative "kicker" being at each end of the line.

     Seeing how you'd need a magnetic "bottle" all the way around the toroid, it's only a matter of degree between how much power is needed to maintain the "bottle" and how much more is needed for the "kicker" thrust. Lots, probably. But then I'm not an engineer, just a dreamer... On top of all that, where would I get the money neccessary to buy the materials to build one even if I *did* have a degree in engineering?

     As with so many things, ideas ferment unnoticed at the back of the mind only to burst forth much, much later. As with the betatron centrifuge engine. First, a particle accelerator ought to be able to double up as a fusion reactor. Second, one toroid could be made a smaller diameter and thus fit inside the larger one, making for a more stable housing for the dual-toroid engine. Now we're back to another type of internal combustion engine where the fuel also doubles up as the reaction mass in the particle accelerators. Neat.

     The article "Secrets of the Saucer Scientists" is an interesting one I picked up one my travels around the web. A bit of conspiracy theory, a dash of electromagnetics borrowed from Nikola Tesla, whisked up with a heady froth of gravitics and 'alien' technology. Make what you will of it, but who ever cracks anti-grav first is onto a sure-fire winner.

How to build your own UFO, #1
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Secrets of the Saucer Scientists

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